Liz is a graduate of the University of South Florida where she majored in advertising and public relations with a minor in marketing. She always had a love for making women feel beautiful about themselves. While attending college, she sold a skin care line named Jafra. Years later, Liz joined Artistry Cosmetics and was fortunate to have the opportunity to conduct seminars throughout the United States and the Caribbean to teach women to have happy healthy skin. “It was a rewarding experience to be welcomed into other countries with an opportunity to give so many women makeup tips and to teach them a proper skin care regimen,” says Liz.

She worked for ARC Acupuncture for nearly two years and combines acupressure in all of her facials and body treatments. Liz became a beauty advisor and makeup artist at Nordstrom for Chanel where she learned the art of pampering, Chanel style. Next, she was asked to become the Lancome Manager at Dillard’s in Sanford, FL.

Liz discovered the missing piece of her life puzzle was not being licensed as an esthetician. Liz is a Licensed Esthetician in the State of Florida and Owner of Almond Tree Spa.


image0After over a decade practicing dental hygiene, wife and mother, Leann Hunter is thrilled to join our own Liz Hargis as a newly licensed Esthetician. After struggling with her own skin issues, Leann is happy to apply her passion and skills to help others achieve their desired results. Leann will maintain the same commitment to safety and quality as Liz’s Almond Tree Spa.


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